Social Media Marketing in Edmonton

What is Social Marketing?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a form of advertising that uses platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. They have become powerful tools used to drive the visibility of your company’s products and services. Social media platforms simultaneously allow your business to reach new prospects and to engage and interact with your current customers. SMM allows businesses to target only their desired clientele with a high level of accuracy. It is truly amazing to see the precision of targeting that platform’s like Facebook allow us to use.

Leads Marketing Group works closely with our clients to create qualified leads through SMM.

Measuring Success

Initial set up of social media marketing campaigns is crucial to ensure that you are monitoring and tracking to right data in order to measure the success of you campaign. It is important to ensure that the data being tracked aligns with your business goals. Social media marketing allows us to track multiple data points to ensure we are providing you with the best value. Below are some of the key metrics that we monitor to ensure that your campaign is performing at the highest possible level.

  1. Campaign metrics. Social media campaigns have a variety of goals. These goals range from clicks to website, clicks to Facebook page, number of impressions, and form submissions.
  2. Return on investment tracking. By using campaign tracking we can determine conversion rates for these types of campaigns. We can measure success of branding, website visits/ behavior, as well as engagement levels
  3. Image. Social media is a digital representation of your business unlike any other. It is more personal and more engaging. It is your true online reputation. By monitoring your brand online, we can ensure that your business is saying what you want to say in the way you want to say it.

Content Creation

Social media platforms allow for the most precise and focused ad targeting on any platform. Once a target audience has been identified we create precise ads to target that demographic. Social media above all other marketing strategies has to have the most engaging content.

Why Choose Us

We believe that the most important aspect of any social media marketing campaign is engaging with the correct target audience. We employ a strong collaborative approach; working with you to determine who the optimal target audience will be via persona creation. We then use this information to generate custom tailored ads with the goal of speaking directly to your desired audience. By working closely with you and employing a strong targeted marketing approach, we are able to help you reach their goals by driving leads and visibility for your business.

Our Process

  • Campaign and audience research
  • Understanding the competition
  • Strategy
  • Campaign development
  • Execution
  • Continuous improvement