Digital Marketing in Edmonton




At Leads Marketing Group, we believe the most important part of any digital marketing plan is to correctly identify your target audience and speak to them in a way that resonates with their goals. Our strategies are shaped by developing a thorough understanding of your business, your vision and the competitive landscape in which you operate. We work diligently to build a solid foundation on which we are able to plan and execute an appropriate long-term marketing plan.

We understand that there is no one size fits all approach to marketing. Each marketing plan is individually tailored to your business so that we can achieve the results you want. Every advertising campaign we create is individually tailored to you.

Leads Marketing Group is committed to being up to date on the latest trends and information in the digital advertising landscape.

Our promise to our clients:

  • Use the latest best practices in the digital marketing space.
  • Closely follow online trends and be aware of any industry changes.
  • Individually tailored advertising campaigns specific to your business goals.
  • Face to face reporting and strategy sessions.
  • A commitment to a mutually beneficial partnership.

Search Engine Marketing

Capture leads and valuable website traffic via paid ads on search engines.

Search Engine Optimization

Involves generating relevant fresh content in order to drive increased organic traffic to your website.

Social Media Marketing

Generate brand awareness and leads via social media platforms through targeted marketing.

Website Design

Websites shouldn’t just focus on making your website a place for information, it should be built to drive engagement and prospect conversion

Display Ads

Powerful tool that allows you to re-engage potential clients and to market to them based on what stage in the buying cycle they have reached.

Out Of The Box Solutions

Customized solutions to fit all your marketing needs.