Search Engine Optimization in Edmonton

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your website more relevant to Google when it determines who appears for a search. The goal is to improve your organic ranking on the Search Engine Results page (SERP).


When optimizing your website with Google there are two main factors. Onsite factors and offsite factors.

Onsite factors

Onsite factors of SEO are how Google reads your website and how it views the content. When Google is trying to find out information about your site it uses what is called a spider. This spider crawls your website and indexes your content, and site structure. Google evaluates this information which is a factor in SEO. If done correctly it will index you for search terms that you want to appear for.

Offsite factors

Offsite factors of SEO have many components. In essence it is what other people are saying about you and how trustworthy you are. To make this happen we have to ensure that your information is correct and consistent across the internet. We do what is called citation building so that more sites are saying the same things about you.

Another main factor of offsite SEO is back-links. These are sites that are pointing towards yours listing you as a reference for things you want to appear for. The more trustworthy these sites are the more weight Google gives them and the more positive effect it has on your ranking.

By optimizing these areas we can improve your organic ranking on Googles SERP or search engine results page.

How do you measure success?

SEO success can be measured and evaluated for effectiveness in two main ways:

  1. Keyword ranking. We can measure the progress of your keywords on the SERP and watch to see them move up. This is a good way to measure success but is hard to quantify into Leads. We choose the keywords that have both the highest search volume and the best fit for your business goals.
  2. Traffic. By installing Google Analytics in your website we can measure the traffic to your site. By measuring traffic we can see the quantitative results of our efforts. When optimizing one key-phrase there is a crossover affect on other related terms. This means that the true value of SEO is not being measured by just monitoring keyword rank. Measuring traffic is true indicator of success.

Evaluation process

Successful Search Engine optimization has continual evaluation. At Leads Marketing Group we monitor all of the onsite and offsite factors as well as changes in the landscape to give you the best service possible.

Each month you will receive a detailed breakdown of the objectives we have completed. This includes content changes, citation building, blog implementation, site structure improvements, and back-links.

By measuring traffic and behavioral patterns we can arrive at a fairly accurate estimate of the number of leads this produced for you.

Why choose us

At Leads Marketing Group we have extensive experience in SEO. Over the years we have helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals. This gives us the ability to know what works and what doesn’t as well as giving realistic expectations for results.

We will continuously prioritize your your goals and our implementation to help drive the most RELEVANT and QUALIFIED leads. Our goal is to drive ROI. The goal is to work in the most efficient way possible to drive the most qualified leads to your business as possible.

Our Process

  • Campaign Research
  • Consultation and Strategy
  • Competitor research and analysis
  • Key phrase research
  • Blog research and creation
  • Execution of onsite factors
  • Execution of offsite factors
  • Continual evaluation and improvement