Website Design in Edmonton

Web Design

Having a great website is crucial to the success of most businesses. It is how your customers are forming an online opinion of your business. It is a 24/7 representation of your company. The success of your online marketing campaign begins and ends with a prospect converting to a client on your website. We want to make a website that is intuitive, simple, high converting, and looks great!

Leads Marketing works closely with our clients to produce the best website possible. This includes help with design, content and conversion.

Measuring Success

Success with your website can be measured in a few very easy ways:

  1. The eye test. Does it look good? Does it represent your brand and identity? We take this part very seriously as it is the online face of your business. We pay attention to the small details to give you the best look and feel possible.
  2. Conversion tracking. Using Google Analytics we can measure everything that someone does to find and navigate your site. We can measure the number of clients that actually convert into customers. By using this data we can optimize your website for conversion.
  3. A/B testing. By making small changes to your website we can test one version of your website against another to find the best layout possible. This iterative testing method is continuing and interacts with other online advertising.

Why Choose Us

We partner with website designers and graphics artists to produce amazing results. At Leads Marketing Group we have years of experience in website design which allows us to make something amazing. We are also not afraid to ask for feedback to make things better. Our philosophy is that to get the best results for your business we need a strong foundation and the foundation of any advertising campaign is your website.

Our Design Process

  • Consultation
  • Strategy
  • Align strategy with business goals
  • Content creation
  • Website Design and Launch
  • Continuous improvement